Photo of The Week: Texture, Color, and Light

Four photographs of the High Line by Tim SchreierNew York photographer, Tim Schreier composes his frames with geometry, color, and texture in mind.

Photographer Tim Schreier's striking photos caught our eye in the High Line Flickr Pool. His images transform everyday surfaces into painterly compositions that harness light and pattern. Often a single element in the frame breaks up the repetition, adding context and depth to what might otherwise be a simple texture. Tim’s photos of the High Line bring a refreshing new perspective on park life. We couldn’t decide which image we liked best, so we’ve created a grid of four of our favorite textural High Line images from Tim's recent work.

All of this bold color reminds us of the beautiful fall hues to come. As the High Line’s landscape transitions into the new season, we will soon be surrounded by the vibrant oranges, fiery reds, and cool yellows of autumn. The visual opportunities are rich, so grab your camera and come take some photos on the High Line.

See other visitors’ photos or share your own in the High Line Flickr Pool.

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