Photo of the Week: Bird’s the Word

An American robin caught on camera mid-feast, on the High Line at West 23rd Street. Photo by Mike Tschappat

This past week, visitors were treated to a surprising sight: a large flock of robins had descended upon the Eastern red cedar trees on the High Line, bouncing back and forth between the branches and feasting on the trees' bright blue berries. At times, a nearby mockingbird could be seen attempting to defend his buffet of berries, with little luck.

Robins, like many songbirds, generally migrate south for the winter, but it's in February and March that they begin to return north. Soon, they'll be pairing up for the breeding season and finding suitable locations for their nests. It's another sign that spring is just around the corner!

Learn more about some of the other birds you'll regularly see at the High Line. (Or if you need a little Friday afternoon doo-wop dance break, listen to “The Bird's the Word" by the Rivingtons)

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