Behind Pan's Kilt

Photo by Timothy SchenckWhether semi- or fully nude, Pan delighted visitors from all over the world during his time on the High Line. Photo by Timothy Schenck

Pan, a mischievous-looking satyr, has been charming visitors from his perch at Gansevoort Street for nearly a year. Created by artist Sean Landers, the sculpture is part of Busted, a High Line Art group exhibition.

EnlargeKilt with satyr tail-hole

But what does a satyr wear to the High Line? Landers decided to clothe Pan in a Scottish kilt "to keep him warm during the cold winter months," says Cecilia Alemani, the Donald R. Mullen, Jr. Curator & Director of High Line Art. The kilt was custom made by Albion Highland London using the tartan "Angus Dress 1998." (If you have a few minutes, we suggest you take a look through this online tartan database. And this one too.)

A thief stripped Pan of his original garment stolen after only two weeks on the High Line, necessitating the creation of yet another diminutively proportioned kilt with a satyr-sized tail-hole. In the interim, nude Pan made for a lot of entertaining photographs, as you can see below. To see Pan and his securely fastened second kilt, come to Gansevoort Street by March 30, when we begin deinstallation of Busted. And for more photos of Pan through the seasons, check out High Line Art's Instagram.

Photo by Timothy SchenckNo kilt? No problem. Pan bares it all on the High Line. Photo by Timothy Schenck
Photo by Timothy SchenckA nude Pan gets ready for his close-up. Photo by Timothy Schenck
Photo by Timothy SchenckIs it just us, or is Pan leering? Photo by Timothy Schenck
Photo by Timothy SchenckMore adoring fans take photographs of Pan. (He's naked here, in case you were wondering.) Photo by Timothy Schenck
Photo by Timothy SchenckPan looks snug in his second kilt during one of this winter's many snowstorms. Photo by Timothy Schenck
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