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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Week Three of Spring Cutback

Photo by Mike TschappatOn Monday, more than 20 volunteers came out to help the High Line Gardeners tackle the densely planted Chelsea Grasslands. Photo by Mike Tschappat

We're approaching the end of Spring Cutback, an annual endeavor to trim back more than 100,000 plants along the High Line to make room for new growth. This week staff and volunteers began to tackle several densely planted areas, including the Chelsea Grasslands, which stretch from West 17th Street through West 20th Street.

See more photos from the third week of Spring Cutback below.

Photo by Mike TschappatIt is an unexpected sight to see so many people at work in the planting beds, and our staff enjoy the opportunity to talk about this massive horticultural undertaking with curious passersby. Here, Erin answers a visitor's questions. Photo by Mike Tschappat
Photo by Mike TschappatAt left, longtime volunteer Lebasi pauses to smile for the camera. She is part of a group of very dedicated volunteers we recently honored for devoting more than five years of service to the High Line! At right, Karen creates that perfect "poof" we aim for when trimming back dried grass. Photos by Mike Tschappat
Photo by Mike TschappatAt left, Rachel cuts back more than her bucket can handle. At right, Maeve is particularly thorough while emptying out a compost bag. We generated 50 of these bags this week, necessitating an additional trip to the Department of Sanitation's Fresh Kills Composting Facility. Photos by Mike Tschappat
Photo by Friends of the High LineAt left, Emily brandishes a pair of shears. At right, the woodland crocus, Crocus tommasinianus looks glorious – and almost triumphant – among the freshly trimmed grasses that used to hide it from view. It's one of the many pretty examples we've spotted during #CrocusWatch2014. Photo by Friends of the High Line
Photo by Elena BernsteinWe had plenty of reason to smile on Wednesday, when a snowstorm that was predicted to hit New York passed us by instead. Photo by Elena Bernstein
Photo by Mike TschappatStaff and volunteers pause for a group shot at the end of a busy day. At front is volunteer Annik La Farge, author of On the High Line and the excellent blog Livin' the High Line. She recently posted a beautiful ode to Spring Cutback, which she described as an "annual volunteer-powered haircut" for the High Line. We suggest you check it out. Photo by Mike Tschappat
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