Spring Cutback 2014 Is Complete!

Photo by Liz LigonNew York City Department of Parks and Recreation Borough Commissioner Bill Castro shears a tall patch of grass to cheers from Executive Director Jenny Gersten, Borough President Gale Brewer, and volunteers. The Borough Commissioner and Borough President stopped by on Wednesday to mark the official end of this year's Spring Cutback. Photo by Liz Ligon

We've reached the official end of Spring Cutback 2014! After four weeks of hard work by staff and volunteers, this massive horticultural endeavor is complete.

We were concerned about the lasting effects of this frigid and tenacious winter on the High Line's landscape. However, there is at least one advantage of a tardy spring. "Delays in spring weather mean that we can witness the bulbs break ground," said Senior Gardener Maeve Turner. Unlike previous years, when new growth would lie hidden beneath the yet-to-be-cut dried grasses and shrubs, this spring's belated blooms will emerge in our neatly trimmed beds.

85 Spring Cutback volunteers completed a total of 527 hours of work this year. We are so grateful for the help of these incredible volunteers. Trimming back more than 100,000 plants is no small feat, and we couldn't do it without them!

Photos by Mike TschappatSpring Cutback progresses in the densely planted Chelsea Grasslands. At right, Jolyane prepares to shear back some grass around one of our favorite early spring blooms, the woodland crocus (Crocus tomasinianus). Jolyane and a friend traveled all the way from Montreal to volunteer for Spring Cutback! Photos by Mike Tschappat
Photos by Mike TschappatAt left, Whitney flashes a smile. At right, dedicated volunteer Gammy Miller rocks her signature braids. Photos by Mike Tschappat
Photo by Liz LigonVolunteers from Google bust out the big shears in the Meadow Walk. Thank you, Google volunteers, for your help on Monday! Photo by Liz Ligon
Photo by Liz LigonWith characteristic good cheer, Sheray transports some very full buckets at West 24th Street. Photo by Liz Ligon
Photo by Liz LigonA glorious spring sun shines down on staff and Google volunteers in the Meadow Walk. Photo by Liz Ligon
Photos by Liz LigonVolunteers from TD Bank were all smiles as they tackled tall grasses in the Meadow Walk. Photos by Liz Ligon
Photo by Liz LigonThank you to the volunteers from TD Bank for helping out with Spring Cutback on Tuesday! Photo by Liz Ligon
Photo by Liz LigonWe'd also like to thank our terrific seasonal staff – Sheila, Rachel, Erin, Kristin, Allison, Emily, and Sheray. "We couldn't have done it without their help," said a grateful Maeve. Photo by Liz Ligon
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