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Photo of the Week: High Line Nightlife

By Erika Harvey | April 11, 2014

EnlargeIn this photo from 2011, two visitors are perfectly outlined by the High Line’s illuminated frame at West 26th Street. Photo by Timothy Schenck

Extended spring hours mean more time to experience after-dark hours on the High Line. With the park now open until 10:00 PM – and temperatures in a much more friendly range – visitors can enjoy the light show that makes the “city that never sleeps” so enchanting.

The High Line’s position on Manhattan’s far west side makes it the perfect place to watch the evening’s slow transition from day to night. Bright skies warm to darker orange and red hues as the sun dips below New Jersey’s skyline across the Hudson River. The best seats in the house can be found on the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck, on the High Line between West 14th and West 15th Streets, and at West 18th Street. Cross streets, like this gorgeous view of West 26th Street captured by photographer Timothy Schenck, also offer a unique opportunity to see the park silhouetted against the colorful evening sky.

As night falls, the park’s subtle lighting flickers on and the plants, paths, art, and surrounding cityscape take on a different personality. In these hours the High Line acts as a platform for appreciating the interesting architecture that surrounds the park and the steady ebb and flow of cars along main avenues. Visitors stroll leisurely, some might pop in for our Tuesday night Stargazing, others just enjoy some fresh air and good conversation on their way to or from dinner.

When the clock strikes 10, rangers and custodians sweep through, closing out another day in the park. But don’t worry; if you’re really excited to come back, we reopen at 7:00 AM!

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