Park update: The Interim Walkway at the Western Rail Yards (between 30th & 34th Streets) is temporarily closed today.

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30th Street Challenge
Give by June 20

To meet the demands of our busiest time of the year, we ask all friends of the High Line to help us raise a total of $30,000—$1,000 for each block of our 1.5-mile-long park along Manhattan’s West Side.

A Message from the Executive Director

September 2, 2014

Jenny Gersten on the High Line. Photo by Liz Ligon

Dear Friends,

When I joined Friends of the High Line as Executive Director, I was overjoyed to take on new challenges and lead one of the most wondrous places in New York City.

It has been a privilege to work with the smart, dedicated, and passionate staff of Friends of the High Line, as well as its devoted Board of Directors, led with grace and wisdom by Chair Catie Marron.

As much as I have enjoyed this exceptional opportunity and the talented people who make this organization so extraordinary, I have come to the realization that my real desire is to return to full-time work in the arts, focusing on the kind of arts institution and cultural programming which I love most. Consequently, I will be stepping down as Executive Director following the opening of the third section, the High Line at the Rail Yards, at the end of the month. While I will be leaving this position, I will have the great pleasure of staying on as a creative consultant to the organization through the end of the year.

The lessons I take away from this experience are very special to me and I feel honored to have been part of such an inspiring group of individuals. In particular, Joshua David, who has taught me so much about the spirit, strength and determination of Friends of the High Line. The organization is fortunate to have him helping to lead Friends of the High Line as Co-Founder and President as it determines next steps regarding executive leadership.

Just as it was a joy to join the Friends of the High Line, there will be even more joy as we celebrate the opening of High Line at the Rail Yards. I look forward to sharing in this celebration with the City of New York and all of the High Line visitors, supporters, volunteers, and community members as the organization enters this next glorious chapter.


Jenny Gersten signature

Jenny Gersten
Executive Director, Friends of the High Line

A Note from our Board of Directors

Hello All,

We are writing today to tell you that Jenny Gersten, Executive Director of Friends of the High Line, has informed us of her desire to return to the arts full-time and, as a result, will be stepping down later this month. As you’ve seen in her letter, she has realized that her heart still lies in the arts, her true passion, with a focus on working with an arts institution.

We will miss Jenny, and we thank her for her hard work and dedication. As Executive Director, Jenny has guided Friends of the High Line through a variety of new experiences, beginning with the move to our new headquarters in January. She has added new programming and has used her prodigious creative talents to orchestrate the opening later this month of our third section, the High Line at the Rail Yards. We are very grateful for all her contributions to Friends of the High Line during her tenure.

Jenny will work with us through the High Line at the Rail Yards opening and has agreed to be available as a creative consultant through the end of the year. This will be a thrilling time for Friends of the High Line, and one to celebrate in full force. Josh David, our Co-Founder and President, will assume oversight of the organization and work with the executive committee of the Board of Directors as we consider the next steps concerning Friends of the High Line’s leadership. We are confident that all operations, ongoing projects, and planning will continue uninterrupted.

Friends of the High Line has a very exciting time ahead. We look forward to celebrating with Jenny, Josh, and the dedicated and wonderful staff, as we open the third section. Many of you have seen it, all have come away awestruck by its scope and beauty.

We hope to see you in September as we celebrate the next chapter in the High Line’s extraordinary history.


Catie Marron signature

Catie Marron
Chair, Board of Directors, Friends of the High Line

Mario Palumbo signature

Mario Palumbo
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Friends of the High Line