Elevated Eats: La Newyorkina

Seasoned High Line Food vendor La Newyorkina has been sharing their delicious Mexican popsicles, called paletas, with our visitors for years. We are huge fans of these refreshing confections and are very excited to follow founder and chef, Fany Gerson, around for this edition of Elevated Eats.

We caught up Fany Gerson (left) at La New Yorkina's Red Hook production base and storefront, La Tiendita. Though summer is winding down, the heat is as strong as ever and nothing cools you down quite like a paleta! We went behind the scenes to see how Gerson and her team create these tasty treats.

Here's where the magic happens! The La Newyorkina team preps ingredients, makes the paletas and packages orders for their two High Line carts (located at West 17th Street and at West 30th Street at the Rail Yards on the High Line) and other locations throughout the city.

Quality ingredients are the key to any delicious product. Gerson uses organic, local ingredients where possible, making strong connections to vendors and farmers nearby. She also takes advantage of the best seasonal fruit. To bring the wonderful flavors of Mexico to her recipes, Gerson sources important ingredients like Oaxacan chocolate with hints of cinnamon, and Tajin (the lime and chilli condiment used on fruit and sweets) from Mexico. The sweetness of a fruit, chocolate or vanilla base with elements of salty, tart and spicy flavors is what makes paletas a High Line visitor favorite!

See more about our visit to the Union Square Farmers Market with Fany Gerson here.

Hibiscus and Mexican cinnamon, pictured here, are elements of La Newyorkina's paletas.

A batch of mango blackberry paletas are pulled out of the ultra-cold paleta making machine, affectionately named "Leti."

At La Tiendita, visitors are offered an array of cold confections. In the future, Gerson hopes to have a larger space for community members and foodies to gather for events and cooking classes.

Fany Gerson holds the refreshing cucumber lime paleta, one of the most popular flavors on the High Line. Inspired by the park, she refers to it as "the High Line flavor." She enjoys hers with plenty of Tajin on top! There are so many incredible flavors to try, including horchata, pineapple jalapeño and coconut. Stop by the High Line to pick one up, or try your hand at making paletas yourself! Pick up your copy of Gerson's cookbook on paletas at the High Line shop.

All images by Amelia Krales.

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