Photo of the Week: Four Seasons in the Forest

The High Line's Chelsea Thicket in summer. Photo by Juan Valentin

Walking through the Chelsea Thicket, on the High Line between West 21 st and West 22nd Streets, is one of the closest experiences you'll have to being in a forest in the middle of Manhattan. This short stretch features densely-planted dogwoods, bottlebrush buckeye, giant pussy willow, American hollies, winterberries, and roses.

The above photo by Juan Valentin shows the Chelsea Thicket as it is now in summer: lush and verdant with a thick canopy that bows over the pathway from either side, joining overhead in the middle. The dense canopy gives the Thicket an intimate, secluded, and removed-from-NYC feeling, making it a visitor favorite this time of year.

Let's look ahead to what the Chelsea Thicket will look like in the coming months. Hint: It's not as green, but it's just as beautiful.

Autumn: golden hues and falling leaves. Photo by Eddie Crimmins

Winter: bare birch trunks and dry grasses. Photo by Andrew Frasz

Late winter: the first hints of new growth side-by-side with evergreen hollies and junipers. Photo by Melissa Mansur

Spring: green everywhere, with young branches reaching toward the sky and beginning to close in the canopy above. Photo by Melissa Mansur

We hope to see you in the coming seasons! The landscape is always changing, offering new things to discover with each visit.

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