​Pokémon GO: Catch 'Em on the High Line

Pokémon GO fever has taken over New York City, and the High Line has quickly become a prime location for dedicated Pokémon trainers seeking to catch 'em all.

With a Pokémon Gym located in the park at West 20th Street and ample PokéStops throughout the Meatpacking District, Pokémon Go fans have been flocking to the High Line since the app's launch a few weeks ago. And since the High Line is near water, it's also a key spot for catching water Pokémon.

A recent Chelsea Now article notes, "The High Line is an ideal location to play Pokémon Go. On its single path cutting through the Meatpacking District, Chelsea, and Midtown, and dotted with the sort of interesting art and landmarks where places of interest in the game tend to be located, players can find new Pokémon to catch just by constantly moving forward."

Have you caught Pokémon on the High Line? Tag @highlinenyc in your best High Line Pokémon pics!

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