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Photo by Harrison Steg

High Line Love Stories

February 14, 2019

The High Line has long been known as one of the most romantic spots in the city: Time Out New York dubbed it a top pickup spot, it’s been designated NYC’s #1 date destination, and called it a top site that’s perfect for romance.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Friends of the High Line got the first-person inside scoop from couples who have a special #HighLineLoveStory of their own:

Lauren & DevonPhoto by Harrison Steg

We decided to forego the cost and strain of a traditional wedding, electing instead to spend the money on traveling to New York and having a good time. For our ceremony’s location, the High Line was our first and only choice. There is something innately romantic about the marriage of nature and architecture found in this place. Our only two official guests were our photographer and our officiant’s wife. However, as soon as the nuptials began, fellow park-goers stopped to witness our wedding. A crowd formed of maybe 30-40 people, and at the end of our five-minute ceremony, we kissed to the applause and cheers of our impromptu wedding guests.

We have been married about a year and a half now, with our first child on the way. Both of us remain steadfastly proud to have formed our union on the High Line.

Bianca & GinaPhoto by Stylish and Hip Weddings

Gina and I have been together for two years. We’ve been friends for about five and she has been chasing me ever since! We’re from Rochester, New York, but I always knew I wanted to get married in the city and the High Line is one of my favorite places in all the world. The elopement company that we met with said they knew of a smaller, more private spot in the park and it was perfect! During the ceremony, it seemed to be only Gina and me. But as soon as I kissed the bride and turned around, there were literally hundreds of people cheering and taking photos and videos – people we didn’t even know! It was the most magical day of my life.

Nichole & ChrisPhoto by @happy_lil_adventures

Chris and I were co-workers and friends who fell in love over adventures like camping trips, hikes in the Hudson Valley, triathlons, and of course, many dates on the High Line. So, when it came to where we were going to have our photos taken before our wedding this past June, we knew we wanted to have them in one of our favorite spots! The mix of nature and New York City perfectly describes who we are and our relationship together. We are now planning the next chapter, a baby in May, and can’t wait to show him or her the beauty of the High Line.

Lisbeth & RicardoPhoto by Luis Lockhart Studio

We chose the High Line for our engagement session because it was an experience meant for the outdoors. We both enjoy the “holding hands, casually strolling” experience, and the summer weather was just perfect. We are both independent souls and the High Line captures our senses really well.

Addy & YoadPhoto by Laura Grier

I am from NYC and traveled to Tel Aviv for a friend’s wedding where I met Yoad. We clicked instantly and four months later, he came to visit me in NYC. We had a long distance relationship until I moved to Tel Aviv in April of last year. There was only one condition when we got married: it would have to be in NYC so my family could attend. On our wedding day, I was hoping for nice weather so that we could take pictures on the High Line. [The park] has such amazing views of the city and his NYC visits were such a strong part of our relationship. Although our day began with a downpour of rain, for a brief hour and a half, the sun came out and we had the most beautiful light. Everyone passing by wished us luck and made the experience that much more special.

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