The High Line Blog

  • Celebrating the Hardworking Honeybee

    A honeybee enjoys a visit to the High Line. Photo by Steven Severinghaus In anticipation of High Line Honey Day on July 30, we’re exploring the world of honeybees. We invited Dan Carr, Assistant Livestock Manager at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture, to introduce our readers to this i... read more
  • High Line and Brooklyn Grange Host Honey Day

    The High Line and Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm recently hosted Honey Day, an annual family-friendly event that educates participants about the important role of the honeybee. Through fun activities, honey tastings, and an open market featuring local beekeepers’ crafts and honey, participants di... read more
  • Meet Chase Emmons, the Beekeeper Who Makes High Line Honey Day Sweeter

    Chase Emmons, managing partner & apiary director of Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, stands next to a colorful beehive. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm.  In anticipation of next week’s High Line Honey Day, we sat down with one of our favorite beekeepers to talk about honey (wha... read more
  • Photos: Honey Day at the High Line

    Honey Day at the High Line featured educational activities, honey tastings, and honey products for sale, all in celebration of the industrious honeybee. Photos (clockwise from right) by Liz Ligon, Jenna Saraco, and Melissa Mansur.   Friends of the High Line partnered with Brooklyn Grange... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Busy Bee

    With abundant blooms, the High Line is the perfect place for honeybees. Here one tiny winged pollinator collects nectar and pollen from the High Line’s butterfly milkweed flowers. Photo by Melissa Mansur  High Line Photographer Melissa Mansur captured this great shot of a honeybee collec... read more
  • Help Bees Help Us

    Did you know?: One-third of our food depends on the services of a pollinator, pollinators like nature's loveable pirate; the bee. In 2007, the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, the Greenbelt Native Plant and the Great Sunflower Project began the Great Pollinator Project (GPP), an initia... read more