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  • High Line Magazine: Creating a More Equitable High Line

    In this issue of the High Line Magazine, we're focusing on data. But data, at its heart, tells stories—and sometimes the stories of individuals can be just as rich and meaningful as a set of numbers. When Friends of the High Line (FHL) asked me to contribute a piece for this magazine about... read more
  • High Line Magazine: Arts & Culture for All

    In my mind, the day was hot. I was walking down the street with my Chinese parents in the small Ohio town where we lived. It was the early 1970s. Perhaps we were at an intersection, waiting to cross. Perhaps we were on the way to Moore's for breakfast, where the three of us would split two... read more
  • High Line Magazine: A Skyscraper On Its Side

    If the High Line ran vertically, it would easily be the tallest building in the world. Here's a new way to look at the High Line: by the numbers. Infographic by Anton Egorov. (Click image to expand) This infographic originally appeared last fall in the bi-annual High Line Magazine, which is... read more
  • High Line Magazine: B1G DA+A and Parks

    Data drives decisions. That's why urban planners, policy makers, designers, and engineers are increasingly using data collection, visualization, and analysis tools to inform decisions for improving the way our cities and public spaces work—especially in a megalopolis like New York. Tactics ran... read more
  • Smart Tree

    A Sense of Placeness

    This spring, artist Nari Ward unveiled a new work on the High Line presented by High Line Art. Cecilia Alemani, Donald R. Mullen, Jr. Director & Chief Curator of High Line Art, recently sat down with the artist in his Harlem studio to discuss his commission, the inspiration for his work, a... read more