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  • The History of "Death Avenue"

    Not just an urban legend, West Side Cowboys rode in front of trains to warn pedestrians and traffic of the oncoming rail. Photo courtesy of Kalmbach Publishing Company. It's hard to imagine that beneath the calm refuge that is now the High Line there once laid a street so chaotic that it ... read more
  • Back to the Future of the High Line

    We officially live in the future! Well, at least the future depicted in Back to the Future Part II. In the second installment of the popular 80s and early 90s trilogy, protagonist Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future, to today to be exact, October 21, 2015, at 4:29 PM.While gravity-defy... read more
  • Joshua David, Friends of the High Line Podcast

    Podcast: Discover Sites & Sounds of NYC’s Park in the Sky with Co-Founder Joshua David

    Friends of the High Line Co-Founder Joshua David. Photo by Liz Ligon. We invite you to listen to a unique podcast featuring Friends of the High Line Co-Founder Joshua David as he revisits favorite neighborhood sites and reflects on his memories about the High Line. After Josh steppe... read more
  • Flashback Friday: Pier 54’s LaToya Ruby Frazier

    In 2014, High Line Art presented Pier 54, an empirical exhibition with ties to the renowned Pier 18 by artist and curator, Willoughby Sharp. The 1971 Pier 18 project called on 27 male artists to create sculptures, installations, and actions within the abandoned Pier 18, photographed by artists Ha... read more
  • Throwback Thursday: 10th Avenue Square

    A recent photo of the 10th Avenue Square. Photo by Liz Ligon The 10th Avenue Square is one of the High Line's most beloved design features and is a favorite spot for lunch goers, sun bathers, people watchers, BFFs catching up, and even the occasional musical performance or wedding. The desi... read more
  • Throwback Thursday: 1930s Aerial View

    Photographer unknown In 1934, the initial stage of the West Side Improvement Project was completed: a shining new elevated viaduct was unveiled, connecting New York Central Railroad's freight line with Manhattan's West Side. This great engineering achievement eliminated 105 street-level railro... read more
  • Throwback Thursday: High Line Pool?

    Entry by Nathalie Rinne In 2003, Friends of the High Line launched an open "ideas competition," soliciting ideas for transforming the then still abandoned and overgrown High Line into a public space. The competition received 720 entries from 36 countries, from people of all walks of life. ... read more
  • Throwback Thursday: Westbeth Building, Then & Now

    Photo by Juan Valentin If you've walked to the High Line's southernmost tip, you've likely noticed the abrupt – yet visually captivating – way the park ends. Long ago, during the years that freight trains still chugged along these elevated tracks, the High Line cut a straight path all the ... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Walking the High Line with Joel Sternfeld

    A Railroad Artifact, 30th Street, May 2000. Photo by Joel Sternfeld, courtesy of Luhring Augustine New York Today, on World Photo Day, we are reminded of the power of photography, both for the world at large and for our organization. From Friends of the High Line's inception, to pres... read more
  • Photo of the week turkeys on the high line list image

    Photo of the Week: Turkeys on the High Line

    This photo from the 1950s shows a locomotive chugging along the High Line at West 30th Street. Photo by Jim ShaughnessyWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re reminded of a fun fact from the High Line’s industrial past. As legend has it, in 1980, after years of declining use, the final tr... read more