The High Line Blog

  • Introducing Ronnit, Our New Vice President of Horticulture & Park Operations

    Ronnit Bendavid-Val brings over a decade of experience managing New York City parks to her new position at the High Line  The High Line is meant to look like a wild landscape, but it requires an extraordinary amount of work to maintain the plant life and keep the park clean and welcoming ... read more
  • High Line Spring Cutback Begins!

    High Line Gardeners are busily working to cut back more than 100,000 plants by hand to prepare for new spring growth on the High Line. The process, called High Line Spring Cutback, began this week.  This week we begin High Line Spring Cutback – our biggest horticultural task of the year. ... read more
  • Construction Update: High Line Headquarters

    Work is progressing at the site of the future High Line Headquarters. In the foreground, the formwork for the pile caps and grade beam are outlined in plywood. Crews will pour concrete into these forms; once the concrete dries, the plywood will be removed. Photo by Timothy Schenck  Stand o... read more
  • Video: Black-Out on the High Line

    What is going on in this video? You might think the light show is part of a public art installation or ambiance for a dance party, but this is what it looks like in the moments before a black-out on the High Line. Managing one mile of park built on an elevated freight rail line presents... read more
  • Season’s First Snow and Heads Up on Snow Sculpt-Off

    The first snowfall of the year was an opportunity to take some great photos of the High Line. Photo by Joan Garvin  The first winter storm arrived in New York City on Saturday, blanketing the High Line with a light coating of snow. Our maintenance and operations staff arrived before dawn ... read more
  • Removing Ice from the High Line

    Pathways in the Chelsea Grasslands, covered in a sheet of thick ice. Photo by Friends of the High Line  This week's freezing rain storms have blanketed the High Line's pathways with a thick sheet of ice, requiring us to close the High Line in the interest of visitor safety. The eleva... read more
  • Opening the High Line after Sunday's Blizzard

    High Line staff began clearing the park's paths before sunrise. They worked throughout the morning until we could open to the public.  Prepping the High Line for opening after Sunday's blizzard was no easy feat. Our Maintenance & Operations staff arrived at 4:30 AM this morning, before da... read more
  • The High Line is Open on New Year's Day

    Via ButterFly Project's Flickr Photostream.  Ring in the new year by strolling the High Line! The park will be open New Year's Day (regular winter hours of 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM). In case of extreme inclement weather any time this winter, please check our Web site and/or twitter for info on p... read more
  • Where Have All the Trailers Gone?

    In addition to all the shoveling the High Line staff did to keep the park open this weekend, our temporary Maintenance & Operations facility has been moved down to the southern entrance of the High Line, at street level. In order to get ready for the joining of Section 1 to Section 2 (still unde... read more
  • The First Big Snow

    If you haven't already caught glimpses of the High Line dressed in white, check out this snow-strewn photo that our Maintenance & Operations staff took this weekend. The Diller - von Furstenberg Sundeck under a white blanket.  In order to clear the snow, the crew used various tools and eq... read more