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Garden Zone

Interim Walkway


Between 30th St. and 33rd St.

The Interim Walkway features a simple path of bonded gravel through the existing, wild landscape. One notable highlight of the self-seeded landscape is the dryland grass, prairie three awn, which is known as a railroad weed. Other volunteer plants thriving along the Interim Walkway include false pennyroyal and black cherry.

Featured Plants

Black cherry

Prunus serotina

The culinary versatility of this plant sets it apart from other High Line plants; the lightly sweet-yet-bitter fruit has even been used to make whiskey.

Giant foxtail

Setaria faberi

The tail-like, drooping seedheads inspired this grass’s name. A native of Asia, it was likely introduced to North America via 1920s ship cargo.

Common mullein

Verbascum thapsus

Native to Asia, Africa, and Europe, this plant has strong medicinal qualities. It was historically used as a cough suppressant.

Little bluestem

Schizachyrium scoparium

Thriving in poor soil, this species is a common sight along railroad tracks and roads; it grew wild on the High Line before it was a park.

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