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At 30th St. & 10th Ave.

In the Northeastern Woodland-inspired Spur, grasses, perennials, and a mix of clematis and wisteria vines hang in the Coach Passage. Dwarf fothergilla shrubs punctuate the flowering beds in the piazza with color. And the giant tilted planters in the threshold contain hackberry, sweetgum, and black tupelo, alongside exuberant hart’s tongue fern, yellow lady’s slipper, and strawberry bush.

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Featured Plants

Creeping raspberry

Rubus calycinoides

This creeping groundcover has soft, quilted, nearly evergreen leaves that turn deep red in autumn after white flowers and fruit in the spring.

Hart’s tongue fern

Asplenium scolopendrium

A rare, protected North American variety of hart’s tongue fern unfolds its strappy fronds—believed to resemble the medieval hunting deer’s tongue.

Yellow lady’s slipper

Cypripedium parviflorum

Yellow lady’s slipper, a species of Northeast American bog orchid, attracts native and wild bees, contributing to the complex ecosystem of the park.

Strawberry bush

Euonymus americanus

With its showy fruit, the strawberry bush splits open when ripe to reveal bright red seeds, bringing pops of color to the Spur in spring.


Liquidambar styraciflua

The sweetgum’s glossy green star-shaped leaves turn a brilliant blaze of color in fall. Suitably, its wood is used for the interior of railroad cars and railroad ties.

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