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Garden Zone

Washington Grasslands & Woodland Edge


At 13th St.

With a bold mix of prairie grasses, like little bluestem and switchgrass, and sun-loving perennials like coneflower and compass plant, the Washington Grasslands provide a striking transition from the trees and shrubbery of the Gansevoort Woodland. Moving north, and into the shade of surrounding buildings, the Woodland Edge is home to shade-tolerant grasses, perennials, and woody species like native chokecherry and early-blooming witch hazel.

Featured Plants

Sinonome toadlily

Tricyrtis ‘Sinonome’

With its magnificent, orchid-like, purple-and-white mottled flowers, the toadlily is a sight to see in autumn when most summer flowers have faded.


Chionanthus virginicus

The showy, fragrant flowers of the American fringetree appear in spring, but the fall foliage of this native northeastern tree is just as appealing.


Prunus virginiana

Dazzling and aggressive: the plant sends up many suckers (new growth at the base of the stem), and will form dense thickets if not cut back.

Firetail mountain fleece

Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Firetail’

A long-blooming perennial native to the Himalayas, China, and Pakistan, the bright magenta flower stalks will sometimes last until the year’s first frost.


Anemone cylindrica

This plant blooms in white, cylindrical clusters of flowers that turn into cottony puffs, spreading seeds in the wind.

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