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President & Co-Founder, Gotham Park (fka Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan)

Humans build the world around us—but what we build also builds us. It frames our thinking and our lives. So shouldn’t we build the best possible version of ourselves that we can? That’s what I love about the High Line. From my very first step, the park has been a surprise, a gift, an education, and joy (so thank you to every person who has contributed to making this special place for us all).

The fact that the High Line exists, in all its beautiful glory, is a minor miracle. It has given wings to a whole new generation, creating a precedent that gives younger parks ideas, and in the case of Gotham Park (formerly known as Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan), more paths to success. In dense, expensive cities like New York, we make a deal: We are willing to pay mindblowingly high fees to live in postage stamp-size apartments because the city is our living room, kitchen, and dining room. Our public parks are the spaces where we step outside the bubbles of our lives and meet our neighbors.