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Teen Staff Bios

Meet our High Line teen staff!

See their photos and learn about our High Line Teens program

My name is Brandon, I live in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, and I attend NYC iSchool in Chelsea. I am 16 years old and I was interested in being a part of the High Line Teen Staff because I go to school in the area and wanted to make an impact in a community I am a part of. I wanted to earn more work experience, broaden my skills, and learn things about different subject areas I did not have much knowledge about, such as horticulture. I also wanted to be a part of something that focuses on art and social justice, two things that I am very passionate about. What I am most looking forward to this year is the opportunity to work collaboratively in a professional setting with other teens my age. This year I hope to learn more about the inner workings of the High Line and how a non-profit organization is run. I believe that young people can make a difference in their communities and the world at-large by having faith in themselves and by taking initiative. Whether it be by joining programs that give young people platforms or by using social media to spread awareness on different topics, teens have the power to make a huge difference in their communities and the world. I want to make a difference through my work with the High Line and outside this job by spreading awareness about different social justice issues that are important to me and my community, and by trying to get others involved to help make change in a world that so desperately needs it. My personal dreams for the future are to be more involved with trying to solve social issues such as civil rights and racial discrimination and doing what I can to help in the advancement of people in communities I am a part of.

Hi, my name is Christian. I am an aspiring actor and entrepreneur. I was proudly born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, in the Prospect Heights neighborhood. Currently, I am 18 years old and a senior at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts where I major in drama. I developed an interest in becoming a High Line Teen Staff person because I wanted to find a program that was meant to enrich teens and provide them with the experiences, tools, and resources to ultimately be successful in the ever-changing world. Moreover, I am most looking forward to collaborating with other teens from all parts of NYC. This year I intend to learn more about the people and places beyond my community and from around the entire city. Overall, this program and others like it are pushing students to emerge as great leaders and role models, of which society is in dire need.

Aloha, everyone—my name is Lorraine (Lo for short). I’m currently a senior at the High School of Fashion Industries studying Visual Merchandising. What brought me to the High Line was how much of an epicenter of connection it is. The park is such a beautiful place where people can just interact and have fun. I love being able to interact with others, and just simply get to know people. I hope to learn how to better my mental health and value myself more—it’s been a tough road to tread. Mental health is crucial in being able to stay motivated through the days. Youth can make the most difference in their communities just by getting involved. Things as simple as walking through local parks, participating in events, or just talking to people around them. Those first baby steps are crucial to building up rapport with your community. I’m aiming to pursue an acting career. I love being able to play different people and tell their stories. It is such a powerful feeling when others can relate to your work and have it be so personal.

My name is Bria and I live in the Bronx, New York. I currently attend Binghamton University in Upstate New York and I am 18 years old. I was interested in becoming a part of the High Line Teen Staff because I always loved the outdoors and viewing beautiful scenery, and, fortunately, the High Line has just that. I used to spend lots of time here with my friends, so I was very familiar with the park itself. I also saw all the creative work and projects that were put together by the teen staff and even attended a few events and instantly wanted to join the team. Not only did the event planning [aspect of the teen program] catch my eye, but I was always intrigued by the beautiful plants on the High Line. I was never fully educated on horticulture in school, so that is something that truly interested me. Overall, I thought it was amazing that high school students were given the opportunity to plan, create, and educate on such a huge platform in New York City. I knew this was a great opportunity and I decided to give it a try. The part of the teen program I’m most looking forward to this year is the event planning. I truly enjoyed planning events last year because everyone was able to voice their creativity and ideas and bring it to life. We were able to meet amazing artists ranging from poets to sculptors, and, as a team, not only were we able to educate others, we were able to learn from these artists as well. We also get to learn important skills like how to budget correctly and properly plan large events that accommodate everyone. This year I hope to learn more about horticulture because that is one aspect of the High Line that I am not very educated and experienced with. Last year, we learned about how vital plants are in our lives and I want to learn about the variety of plants and herbs I wasn’t able to see yet. There are numerous ways, we as young adults can make a change in this world. Our generation is now growing older, making room for us to be the new leaders of our country and our world. In our communities, we can try and join non-profit organizations that help better our communities. Also, we can take part in participatory budgeting, which gives the community a say on how to make the lives of the people better. I want to make a difference with my work at the High Line by being able to inspire others and show that although I am a teenager, nothing is impossible. I want to be able to make a difference by being a positive addition to the park. I would do this by planning events that have a great influence on those who attend and participate. Not only do I want to bring positivity, but also be able to educate others as well. In the future, I would like to be an attorney/lawyer, then eventually become a criminal judge. I want to study criminal law in college and in law school.

Hi, my name is Lyla, I am a sophomore at the Museum High School in Chelsea, New York. I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the west side of the borough. The High Line is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with others and learn more about the structure’s history and purpose. I also wanted to learn more about the High Line and be a part of this creative art piece, while improving and progressing this space. It is very exciting to look forward to being in a creative field with other people my age—to come together and be a part of something so glorified in NYC. This position is a large safe space to grow with others and become more educated on managing a job and a commitment. In the future my greatest goal would be to become a photographer in the fashion industry.

My name is Melissa and I am from Washington Heights, Manhattan. I go to Landmark High School; I am 17 years old and a senior. I have always been interested in the High Line Teen Staff because I love the High Line and how peaceful and gorgeous it is. Not only for its beauty and feeling but for the community and the different cultures being represented—it brings me joy. I also love to be involved in social justice and creating a space where everyone feels heard and welcomed. Ever since I first went on the High Line I fell in love with the spot and will forever cherish it for all the times I was able to come here and just be comfortable myself. The part of the High Line program that I am most looking forward to is being able to connect with others and have helpful ideas implemented in our work. I hope to learn more about creating programs for teens like myself this year. Us youth and young adults are the future and soon enough we will not only be able to help the community in so many new and innovative ways but also make permanent changes for the better of the community, environment, and our lives. We will be able to do this by creating events and programs that welcome any and all races, genders, and cultures that will be “no judgement” and support anyone who is struggling and needs help. I want to make a difference primarily in climate change within the job and outside because I really think it’s important to focus on saving our planet. My professional goal is to be a surgeon and be able to save people’s lives medically and environmentally.

Heyyy! My name is Yisel and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am 16 years old and attend Fordham High School for the Arts. And finally, I am from the Bronx! I believe what really interested me to become a part of the High Line Teen Staff was the mission of the High Line and how their mission helps to bring communities of all backgrounds together. The High Line is more than just a park. It is a community—which is what really pushed me to apply because my core values align with this mission. The part of the Teen program at the High Line that I’m really looking forward to is definitely the event planning. I love planning events and gathering people together to create things and learn things. This year, I hope to learn more about how to bring people together by including everyone. I hope to learn how to include everyone and acknowledge our differences, while helping people have the same opportunities to learn, grow, create, and overall help people (and myself) to unapologetically take up space and be present. I believe that as a young person it is my responsibility to help educate not only my peers but most definitely older generations because it all starts with a conversation and communication. We all must understand that the world is changing and that we are all evolving. I want to make a difference through my work with the High Line and outside of this job by helping to start these hard conversations and help create a safe space for everyone to feel included and heard regardless of their perspectives. My professional dreams for the future are to become an anthropologist, an author, and a dancer. I have a personal connection to the word “why.” I think about why things are the way they are or why I feel the way I feel. With this, writing and dancing challenge me to understand the why and how to go about that understanding. Anthropology challenges me to think beyond my own perspective and it also allows me to prove that we are not as different as we think we are. I want to challenge others to think beyond their own understanding with my work. I want others to think “Why?” On the other hand, by becoming an author, I want to help encourage younger generations to read books because books are like no other. I can talk all dayyy about books but I want books to mean something to younger generations because technology has started to take over. We cannot forget what got us here in the first place: books.

Hi, my name is Javier and I’m 18 years old. I live in Harlem and attend Landmark High School. I wanted to work on the High Line because it sounded like a really great experience to make decisions with other teens for things that can potentially have a huge impact on the community around us. I am so excited to be working on the actual High Line with other employees and doing some great things. I think a way to make change in our communities is by having conversations with the people around us, enlightening them on the issues some people face, making them aware of some things that they didn’t know are worsening the community. I am an actor and my dream is to be an actor who is constantly working. I want to work consistently on projects that are based on other time periods or projects with important stories that teach people and show people all the things in the world. I just want to simply entertain. I want to earn accolades on my work in the future. I want to work on getting better representation of Black people and people of color in other communities. I want to create spaces for people to be able to express themselves however they’d like and work with the future youth, see what issues they face on a regular basis.

Hey, My name is Padmavati Arjune and I am 19 years old. I’m currently a college freshman at Borough Manhattan Community College. I’m from Brooklyn but I recently moved to the Bronx—for the first time! When I first came to the High Line in middle school, my mind was blown. I was very fascinated by the layout of the High Line, in general. And how they kept the track marks shown. Also, I admired each section of the High Line and its own cohesiveness with native plants and artworks. Finally, I got the opportunity to become a Teen staff member in high school. I was invested in what I was learning; I was able to relate to the same topics in school. Not only that but I was developing skills such as teamwork, networking, leadership, time management, etc. The best part of the teen program is that every year it is different. I get to work with a diverse group of youth that live or go to school within the community to create an event or build a project together, which gave me the sense of what it meant to accomplish an idea by bringing it to life. It keeps me thriving in my work ethic and helps me understand the different objectives of other jobs, which makes me want to do a little of everything. [One day] I want to become a neonatal nurse. On top of that, I want to continue helping young adolescents’ voices to be heard. Lastly, I want to create more green spaces within communities.

Hi, my name is Tapuwanashe and I’m 15 years old. I live in Queens and go to Bard High School Early College Manhattan. I was interested in the High Line because I felt that working here would be a great way to help my community, city, and the environment. Although I have only been to the High Line several times, I have fallen in love with it. It is such a vibrant, unique park, I just had to be a part of that. I look forward to making new friends, and working on projects that are beneficial to the community. I have already met some wonderful people, some of whom share similar interests and passions, and other people who are interested in different things but are still equally spectacular. I hope to learn how to be an efficient employee, a better person, and to learn more about the High Line. As a former notorious procrastinator, I know that it is easy to get distracted and lose sight of what’s really important, so I hope to learn more about being consistent and organized. Furthermore, I’d like to learn more about the history of the High Line and its connections to people in the neighborhood. Even though my peers and I are young, there is so much that we can do to help our communities and fight for change. For starters, spreading information about environments and people in danger, educating ourselves about important issues in the world, and using our time at the High Line to hold tough—but important—conversations are all great methods. Outside the High Line, I can definitely talk to my peers about intersectionality and the ways environmental issues impact marginalized people, educate myself, try to learn from my peers as well, and speak up for those who are often silenced. In the future, I am interested in pursuing law/careers affiliated with political science. I have been interested in political science/law for a bit, now, and I find politics very interesting. As time progresses maybe my ideas will change, but one thing I am sure about right now is that political science is what I want to pursue.

Hi, my name is Favour. I am 16 and currently a junior at Morris Academy of Collaborative Studies. I live in the Norwood/Riverdale area in the Bronx. What captured my interest in becoming part of the High Line Teen Staff was a close friend of mine. They told me about the organization, its role, how it uses art to express ideas, and much more. They spoke of the leadership opportunities that were present in the organization and that connected with me, because I have always been the type of person who liked to get involved and advocate for positive change. The praise given to the High Line [by my friend] convinced me to try it out. I hope to learn more about myself and different people and their ideas. To be able to keep standing up for my beliefs, as well as other people. I’m looking forward to being able to be involved in showcasing creative works and innovative ideas and I would also love to get more into learning about event planning and other life skills. I believe young people can make an impact on their communities and the world by seeing issues and realizing that we have a say in them. The world is for everyone and, as the next leaders, it is our responsibility to advocate for a better world. We should be choosing paths that have the best impact for everyone. In the future I would love to be involved in the medical field. I believe it could benefit from more people of color having more important roles.

My name is Fatoumata. I am currently a junior at New Visions Charter High School for the Advanced Math and Sciences II and I am 17 years old. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and I currently live in the Bronx. I was interested in joining the Teen program at the High Line because for a very long time now, I was looking for a place where I could be surrounded by hardworking, creative, and ambitious students. I also really enjoy developing leadership skills, and felt like every initiative I was part of was led by an older leader and not the students. The High Line Teens program would connect me with high school students from all over New York City, and allow us to come together, share ideas, and have an amazing time at one of New York City’s most beautiful outdoor locations. One part of this program that I’m looking forward to is meeting people with whom I can potentially network and encountering people that can share their stories and experiences with me. I hope to learn more about different people and their experiences, and I also would love to expand my teamwork and leadership skills. Young people have the greatest potential to make real change in our community because we were raised in a time of increased political unrest, social change, and an overall shift in accepting different people and what they stand for. I would love to make a difference in my community by showing first-generation Americans that it’s very possible to take the little that our parents could have given us and turn it into something that we could have never imagined. We were raised with values like hard work, respect, and getting up when life proves to keep kicking you down. Some professional plans that I have for the future are getting certified to become a real estate agent when I turn 18. After that I plan on furthering my education at college and hopefully pursuing a career in business, investing, and/or international relations.

Hi, my name is Benjamin! I am 17 and currently a junior at Humanities Preparatory Academy. I live in the Norwood/Riverdale section of the Bronx. The High Line Teen staff position interested me because of the fact that it is close to my school community (just 10 minutes away) meaning I can make a difference in some capacity. Also the High Line has an expansive art division and art program that I am truly invested in. I am a person that thinks of art as a universal language. That language transcends everything and can be used to speak to anyone. The arts programs and civic work that we get to do is something that I’m truly looking forward to. My goal for this year is to take on more leadership roles. Additionally, I’m looking forward to our tradition of breaking off into small groups that get to deal with our passions so we can create a comfortable place and events that we all enjoy. My hope for the year is to learn more about myself while also learning about financial stability and ways to save and invest. Young people like myself are the people who are next in taking over which is why every time we post or speak up about our views we are making a change. To create change through this position at the High Line and beyond, I plan to speak my mind and be unapologetic about it. The future is uncertain and while I do have some aspirations I want to be in the fields of politics, art, and social justice.

My name is Sarah and I am 16 years old. I live in East New York. I attend Medgar Evers College Preparatory School. I believe I was interested in being a part of the High Line Teen staff because it was an opportunity to learn more about the city and the environment we all live in. Also, due to COVID, I thought it was best to connect to new people to collectively find ways to bring NYC together again during/after COVID. And the High Line is a great place to use to have everyone gather and understand each other through various ways. The skill I’m hoping to learn is being flexible with time and how I’m using it because this time of the year is quite busy, and being able to see if I can stay up to all my tasks while getting it all done on time will help me commit more to future projects. I’m also hoping to learn more about how I can support people more and help others through this tough time. The part of the program I’m looking forward to this year is creating events with my team, whether it’s virtual or not. Young people can make a difference in their community and the world at large by simply acknowledging the role we have in it. Our generation will be the next leaders and role models and we shouldn’t have to wait till we are adults to have a global impact. We can start finding ways to give back, lend a hand to those who need it, teach others the importance of the choices we all make, and start living intentionally—and try to inspire others to play their part as well. Through my work at the High Line and outside of this job, I want to make a difference by being my authentic self and contributing to the change we want to see in the world today. By being actively involved in the world, I know every day I can help more than I did the day before. My professional dreams for the future are to partake in the film industry, through multiple positions, because I don’t like being placed in one box. I’d rather extend myself to various things that I know I can find joy in.

Hi, my name is Steve and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. I attended Quest to Learn High School and I am currently a college freshman. I decided to join the High Line Teen staff crew because I wanted to get more involved in the community, explore and experience new opportunities to engage with the neighborhood, and learn more about what the High Line has to offer to the city and its people. I am also really passionate about learning the horticulture of the High Line and how it was able to be created in an urban space where the space in the city is really limited and more about its mission and how it has changed the city for the better. The part of the Teen program at the High Line that I am most looking forward to is work collaboration and working with new people in different projects and see how far I am able to work with them. I look forward to building connections with them and reflecting on the work that I’ve done and see how it has changed me to become better as a person and as a staff member. This year I hope to learn how to better understand myself as an employee and learn the different outcomes and experiences of working with an organization that exemplifies a similar vision as other dream careers that I may want to pursue in my future. Young people can make a difference in their communities and the world at large by starting off young and getting involved in different events, projects, and organizations that their community has to offer. My professional dreams vary amongst many dream careers but I really want to be a computer scientist where I am able to change and partake in the history of computer programming since science is alway was evolving and changing.

Hi, my name is Thalia and I’m 16 years old. I live in Chelsea and attend the Clinton School. I was interested in being a part of the High Line staff since I was around 10 years old. I grew up in Chelsea and went to Chelsea Prep for elementary school. Experiencing growing up with such mass gentrification right around my neighborhood, I saw the High Line as a sort of get-away when I felt overwhelmed. Whether it was attending salsa nights with my family, getting ice cream sandwiches, or taking early morning runs along the tracks, the High Line became very personal to me. So, when the opportunity arose for me to work with the organization, I took it right away and I am so grateful that I was invited to join the team. I want to learn more about how to intertwine the High Line and its future missions with the soul and culture of the Chelsea community, along with communities outside of the geographical location of the High Line, such as culture in other parts of Manhattan, and even in other boroughs. The part of the teen program at the High Line that I am honestly most excited and passionate about is just having such a close knit team with similar ideas and places of knowledge. I immediately felt at home with the High Line staff, and everyone made me feel like I really belonged. I am so excited to see where networking, and building friendships with my peers takes me in these next years. This year, I hope to learn about the High Line, how it came to be the incredible non-for-profit it is today, and the dreams of those involved, including teens like myself for the future of the High Line. I have always been very passionate in the belief that young people can make the most difference in their community. In this case, I think that we can provide insight into the High Line and its future endeavors, as we are curious thinkers, ready to share our ideas, and also excited to shape our future into what we want it to look like. Working through a public space that is very well known will provide that outlet for us as teens to make our ideal world. Right now, I am very interested in majoring in biology and then going on to med school for neuroscience or psychiatry. I have always been fascinated with how the brain works and the various implications that environmental factors can have on a child’s brain development.

My name is Kymberli. I live in Queens and go to NYC Museum School! I’m 16 years old and was lucky enough to join the 2020 Teen Staff cohort on the High Line in the fall/winter of 2019! I wanted the opportunity to work on the High Line in order to make more friends and get to know the city better. I had just moved to New York about five or six months before I’d been hired, and needless to say, I was struggling to get my bearings in the city. My principal asked me if I was looking for anything extra to do outside of school, and gave me the application for the High Line. I did it in my lab class and walked it there the same day. It was so cool, and I knew I could make some friends here. Everything about it interested me, and I’d never had a job before so this seemed so exciting. This year, I’m looking most forward to partnering with other members of the team for things like outreach and art! This year I’m really hoping to learn more about the horticulture of the High Line! I want to be an actress and then a filmmaker when I’m older. I think that young people are making all the difference and change in the world these days. As far as community, the young people are the ones spreading all the awareness and helping do things like raise money for important causes. When it comes to the world at-large I think the teens are the ones who can make this coming generation start to repair some of the stuff the older generations did.

Hi, my name is Shelby—or you can call me Shelbs. I’m from Harlem but I was born in Chelsea at the Chelsea Hotel. I’m 17 years old and go to James Baldwin School. The High Line is a place of discovery and its origin story is one that represents community. Applying to the High Line as a Teen staff member meant I could help contribute to the ever-growing environment and programs. One part of the description that drew me to making sure I applied was its emphasis on development. Programs and events for young people should be made by and center young people. The High Line Teen program as a whole makes sure teenagers are heard while amplifying their voices. Now tell me… why wouldn’t you apply to a program that does that WHILE providing new experiences?? Creating events for youth and learning how to plant, the skill of planting is essential especially for “what-if” survival moments lol. But seriously on a real note I think it’s getting to know and evolve with fellow High Line Teen staff members. Already I feel strongly about the many voices in this program. Imma let y’all know now, Y’ALL AINT READY!!!! I hope to learn more about the High Line, who it is serving, and how it can better serve underrepresented groups at the High Line from that research. While to cherry top it, how and what can the High Line do to involve and empower these communities through its programs, events, and features. [Young people can most make a difference in their communities and the world at-large] by speaking up at all times, and creating the world we are meant to live in, not forced to be in. [My professional dreams for the future are to] live in a world where professionalism doesn’t mean catering to systems of white supremacy. Change the world for the better, live by my truth, and on occasion write books and articles and film documentaries. Maybe [one day I’ll] start a harm reduction paid mentorship program at 31, and create queer-competent sexual education curriculums for the youth, and consent educational curriculums for children of all ages. Everyone should know consent, period.

I’m a high school senior who is passionate about so many things. I’ve always had a passion for the arts—many of my passions involve thinking deeply and creating things that I can connect with whether that be songs or characters I create. However, activism and speaking up for myself and others have always taken the forefront in my life. And the High Line enables me and my voice and allows me to be worthy with my peers and create something bigger than ourselves.. One question I ask not only myself but my peers is a quote by Mary Oliver: “what will you do with your one wild and precious life?” I would answer and say “to be happy”—I care more about the journey than the destination.

My name is Niesa. I live in Manhattan on the Lower East Side and attend the James Baldwin School. I am 18 years old. I wanted to work with the High Line because it seemed like a great opportunity to get to know my city and neighborhood better. Working with the High Line made me think we can do better for the community and the environment. Not only does learning about my city and different places from the High Line interest me but I think being part of a youth staff sends a positive message to kids my age or younger. I want to encourage other kids to speak up for their community and to do something about it as a whole. I hope we get to go back to the High Line and do hands-on things like we used to. Until then, I look forward to working with the new High Line staff. I hope that this year we get to make a difference in our community with everything that happened last year. I hope that we get to help others have a safe environment and reach out to everyone that is in need. As High Line Teens, we can make social media posts that go on in the world. It can be from the Zoom call or even in person to show people that we do have a voice and we can do something about the problems that go on around us. Not only do we help out but we’re gaining acknowledgement and experience, and learning new ideas and ways to support our community. I aspire to become a nurse. It’s a lot of work but I see myself pushing through everything and becoming something that I know that would help me get out of my comfort zone. I’m still undecided about what kind of nurse to become but I know someday I’ll find my passion for it and do something I would love doing.

I am Narelyn. I live in the Bronx, NY, and I am in my last year of high school at Landmark High School. I am 17 years old and I go by she/they pronouns. I was interested in being a High Line Teen Staff member because I was hoping to learn more about how to be a part of a team and step in as much as I can. Secondly, I really wanted to get a better grasp of how I can manage different responsibilities. I was a junior in high school when I started working at the High Line and I was hoping to take on more responsibilities so that I can become better organized in my day to day. I am most looking forward to how we can better organize teen events. Maybe we can plan two different ones in separate groups. Maybe we can implement new ideas since we are a larger group than before. I also wonder how the virtual world can be a big factor of how we network outside of the High Line as teen staff. These are all optimistic goals I have as I think about this year for the teen staff. This year, I hope to learn more about computers and management skills. I feel that I have always been on the sidelines due to my unwillingness to stand up and step forward when there are opportunities to do so. However, I hope to become better at pushing myself to do greatness and collaborate. Young people can make a difference in their communities and in the world at-large by taking on small projects. I believe that even the smallest projects can make the biggest difference and can start the ripple effects for change. I want to be able to implement the things that I learn with my fellow teen staff in my own community. I want to have conversations like the ones we have in our Zoom meetings in my community and share the knowledge that I have gained. My professional dream for the future is to become a software engineer and this is part due to my love for technology. I love to see things evolve and I want to take an active role in the way in which it evolves.

Hello, my name is Jessica. I’m an Alum of the High Line Teen Staff Program. I’m from Brooklyn, NY, but I attended the High School of Fashion Industries in the Chelsea neighborhood. I joined the High Line Teen Staff because I felt disconnected from the Chelsea neighborhood despite spending so much time in the area. I knew I wanted to become more involved and feel a sense of belonging in the neighborhood, but I was not sure how. When I discovered the High Line Teen Staff was a program for teens to take part in community projects and empower other teens in the process, I did not hesitate to apply. Before joining the program I was not very familiar with the High Line as the park itself, let alone the variety of work that is done by the Friends of the High Line organization. Over the past year I have learned a great deal about the work the High Line does for the Chelsea community and New York City at-large. This year I hope to take part in more community-based initiatives and programs. I hope to learn how large-scale community projects are organized from things like program planning to structure installations. I believe getting involved in work like this is a great way for teens to have a major impact in their communities. Outside of work with the High Line I want to work to help combat health disparities that exist in communities where access to quality health care is limited. Currently, I’m a freshman at Cornell University studying Biology. During my time as an undergrad student I plan on becoming involved in research and starting science-based education programs in the lower income communities in Ithaca, NY. After undergrad, I plan on attending medical school, although I am debating between specialties.