Park update: The High Line will be closed south of 14th St. on Wednesday, May 12, and Thursday, May 13, due to neighboring construction work. The southernmost access points will be 14th St. (stairs) or 23rd St. (elevator). Follow us on Twitter at @highlinenyc for updates.

Close Alert

Beyond the High Line: Transforming Fresh Kills, Staten Island

Presented by Friends of the High Line with support from the Seed Fund, this video features an hour-long presentation and discussion of plans to transform Fresh Kills landfill, once the largest landfill in the world, into Freshkills Park, one of New York City’s largest public parks. Hear James Corner, of James Corner Field Operations, and Eloise Hirsh, of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, discuss plans for public access to the area’s creeks, wetlands, meadows, and sweeping vistas.

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