The High Line Blog

  • Construction Update: Seating Steps Installation

    Located at West 22nd Street, the Seating Steps will be a central gathering space when Section 2 opens in the spring.  Between the recent snowstorms, crews have been working through the icy temperatures and frigid winds to install the Seating Steps – an elevated seating area near the Lawn i... read more
  • Section 2: Seating Steps and Lawn Come Together

    The Seating Steps and Lawn will be a central gathering spot when Section 2 opens in the spring.  Crews have finished rolling out the sod on what will be the High Line's first lawn—a 4,900 square foot swath of inviting turf in Section 2. The Lawn is located between West 22nd and West 23rd... read more
  • A Giant Model of the High Line Made by Kids

    Carol Levitt's second grade class at the Village Community School used the High Line to study a number of topics this past spring. One element was this structure, which the class constructed as a model of the structure in its current use as a public park.  The High Line is more than place... read more
  • Mayor Presents Award to Friends of the High Line

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg presents Friends of the High Line with the Doris C. Freedman Award. Click to view a slideshow of the event. Photos by Spencer Tucker and Joan Garvin We are pleased to announce that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg presented the Doris C. Freedman Award to Friends of the Hig... read more
  • High Line Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

    Click this image to view full slideshow of a Year in Pictures. First photo by Iwan Baan.  A Year in Pictures It's been a year! One year ago today, the first section of the High Line opened to the public. The High Line's first year as a public park has been extraordinary, with more than two... read more
  • News from Robert in Rome: Where Are You Going to Sit?

    One of the hallmarks of successful urban spaces all over the world is the use of movable chairs. William Whyte’s studies in The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces found that people create ownership of public space by being able to control where and how they sit. This theory was recently tested... read more
  • Section 2 Construction: 30th Street Entrance

    New space for the 30th Street Entrance.Photo by Patrick Cullina.  The latest on the High Line's next section: the construction team recently removed FOURTEEN TONS of steel up at 30th Street to make way for the future stairs and elevator. When Section 2 opens, 30th Street will be the northe... read more
  • 2009 in Pictures

    Dear Friends, 2009 has been a remarkable year for the High Line. After spending the spring working on the final stages of construction, we opened the first section of the park in June. Since then, we estimate that nearly 2 million people have visited. We hope you were among these first visitors ... read more
  • An Award for the High Line

    We are proud to announce that the High Line has been bestowed with an award from the U.S. section of the International Association of Art Critics: First Prize for "Best Show in a Public Space."  I have the honor of accepting this award at a reception at the Guggenheim Museum, alongside esteemed c... read more
  • James Corner at Cooper Union

    Image courtesy of  James Corner, principal and founder of James Corner Field Operations, the High Line project lead, will lecture on his recent and current works at the Cooper Union on Wednesday, December 9th. In addition to the High Line, Corner's work with Field Oper... read more