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  • Spring Cutback 2014 Is Complete!

    New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Borough Commissioner Bill Castro shears a tall patch of grass to cheers from Executive Director Jenny Gersten, Borough President Gale Brewer, and volunteers. The Borough Commissioner and Borough President stopped by on Wednesday to mark the officia... read more
  • Week Three of Spring Cutback

    On Monday, more than 20 volunteers came out to help the High Line Gardeners tackle the densely planted Chelsea Grasslands. Photo by Mike Tschappat  We're approaching the end of Spring Cutback, an annual endeavor to trim back more than 100,000 plants along the High Line to make room for ne... read more
  • Our Second Week of Spring Cutback

    Despite the steely gray sky, we relished the opportunity to get our (gloved) hands dirty during Wednesday's all-staff Spring Cutback. We’ve completed our second week of Spring Cutback, reaching the halfway point in our effort to shear back more than 100,000 plants along the High Line. As we tr... read more
  • Spring Cutback Begins

    The sight of all these bright green buckets dotting our planting beds means winter is on its way out. Photo by Liz Ligon On Monday we began to trim back the dried grasses and striking seed heads that added beauty and texture to our gardens this long winter. This annual horticultural endeavor, c... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Spring is Springing

    This GIF shows the High Line at West 20th Street at three points during the spring season: before Spring Cutback, after Spring Cutback, and later in spring as new growth takes over the planting beds. Photos by Melissa Mansur  After the winter that we’ve had, tomorrow’s 50° F (or 10&de... read more
  • Preparing Your Garden for Spring

    Cutting back dried stems and leaves allows fresh growth to flourish in your garden. Photo by Mike Tschappat  We celebrate our gardens year-round at the High Line, paying special attention to the beauty of untouched perennials in the autumn and winter, and preparing for the burst of growt... read more
  • New Video Series: My High Line

    Our new video series My High Line highlights the many uses of the High Line, and the people who call it their own. The inaugural video portrait features Gammy Miller, a High Line Volunteer and long-time resident of the West Village. Join us after the jump to discover her High Line. The... read more
  • That’s a Wrap: Spring Cutback Is Complete!

    We did it! Despite the unseasonably cold weather, two snowstorms, several days of rain, and yesterday's hail shower, we completed this year's High Line Spring Cutback in record time. These horticulture enthusiasts from REI were among the 80 volunteers who helped get the job done. Photo by Liz Lig... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Early Spring Texture

    Earlier this week, High Line Photographer Beverly Israely captured this interesting shot of the hollow stems of the Equisetum hyemale, or giant horsetail. This wetland species grows along the water feature on the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck, between West 14th and West 15th Streets. ... read more
  • Meet the High Line Green Corps

    It’s alternative spring break week at the High Line. Pictured here are the teens participating in this year’s High Line Green Corps, an education and job-training program by Friends of the High Line. Photo by Beverly Israely Sixteen-year-old Winona Kay Holderbaum was amazed the first time she... read more