Garden Zone

Wildflower Field & Radial Planting


Between 28th St. and 30th St.

As the Flyover descends, visitors arrive at a two-block-long walkway through a landscape composed predominantly of warm season grasses, including switchgrass, prairie dropseed, and sideoats grama. Mingled with these are wildflowers like aster, coneflower, and tall tickseed. Between 29th and 30th streets, the plantings follow the gentle curve of the pathway as the High Line arcs westward to meet the 30th Stree Cut-Out. The perennials and grasses of the radial plantings are punctuated by a small grove of gray birch and juniper.

Featured Plants

Thread-leaf bluestar

Amsonia hubrichtii

A great example of a plant that is attractive in all four seasons, the bluestar’s “skeleton” is an elegant presence amongst the winter grasses.

Magnus coneflower

Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’

Native to North America, Echinacea has been used medicinally to boost the immune system and to treat cold and flu symptoms.


Amorpha canescens

Named for the silver gray hairs on the leaves which appear “leaden,” an old wives’ tale said that this plant indicates lead in the ground

Showy goldenrod

Solidago speciosa

Thomas Edison experimented with growing goldenrod to produce rubber, which the leaves contain naturally (but in a concentration too low to be viable).

Prairie dropseed

Sporobolus heterolepis

This grass’s striking, unusual fragrance in late summer has been compared by High Line visitors to everything from coriander to buttered popcorn.

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