Photo of the Week: Colors of Spring

Photo by John SuharIn the evening hours and on overcast days, Lady Jane tulips, Tulipa Lady Jane, are closed. On warm sunny days the pink petals open to reveal bright white interiors and black anthers. Photo by John Suhar

Yesterday evening, High Line Photographers gathered for the first time in 2014. Pausing briefly to observe beautiful blooms and catch up with old (and new) friends, we worked our way through the park documenting the season. This stunning photo of a “sleeping” Lady Jane tulip by John Suhar epitomizes the nascent magic of spring, which can often go unnoticed. All around the park – and the city – green growth is finally filling in what was once bare soil and tree branches are bursting with new blooms.

Lady Jane tulips, Tulipa Lady Jane, are one of our most iconic spring blooms. Their arrival was a little delayed by cold weather, but now that they’re here, they won’t disappoint. Stop by on a sunny day in the next couple of weeks to see them in full glory.

Peruse more beautiful photos from our walk.

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