The High Line Blog

  • Plant of the Week: American boneset

    Photo by Ayinde Listhrop As the autumn colors start to set in on the High Line, American boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum, is in continuous bloom. The flower inflorescences are composed of multiple small, white flowers on top of 3 to 6-foot tall stems, with leaves in opposite arrangeme... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Beautyberry

    It is that time of year on the High Line when our visitors begin to notice the subtle shift in color on display throughout the park. As the vibrancy of summer delicately dwindles into a camouflage of earth-toned hues, it's usually a sure sign that the cooler seasonal months have arrived. Garde... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Prairie Dock

    Towering above all other perennials on the High Line, is one of my personal favorites in the park – the stunningly beautiful prairie dock, or Silphium terebinthinaceum. Growing up to a height of 12 feet tall, Silphium terebinthinaceum puts on a show of long lasting, sun-flower like blooms f... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Wild Senna

    Wild senna, this week's plant, is a new addition to the High Line and blooming for the first time this summer. (Look for it in the Chelsea Grasslands section of the High Line, between 17th St. and 20th St.) Also known as Senna marilandica, it is a shrubby, herbaceous perennial native to the Ea... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Sweet black-eyed Susan

    From the onset of early summer, you can always count on the familiar eye catching sight of the sweet black-eyed Susan, or Rudbeckia subtomentosa, to add a bright burst of color to the High Line. It comes in many varieties and goes by many names including black eyed susans, coneflowers, yell... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Black Cherry

    As you walk along the northern section of the High Line, the self-seeded landscape of the Interim Walkway offers a brief window into an untouched, urban ecological setting. If you are no stranger to New York City, these micro-greenspaces are a dime a dozen; as they often reclaim the abandoned ... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Queen Anne’s lace

    Photo by Ayinde Listhrop As you enter or exit the park towards the northern most section of the High Line, you'll notice a self-seeded display featuring hundreds of white flowers covering the length of the Interim walkway. Aggressive and hardy, yet alluringly attractive, Daucus carota i... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Firetail Mountain Fleece

    Many beautiful blooms on the High Line are fleeting— for example, spring ephemerals pop up for only a few weeks and are soon gone. But Firetail mountain fleece, this week's plant, is long-blooming, sometimes lasting until the year's first frost. Currently it's in peak form in the Washington Gr... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Bellflower Clematis

    The Vegetal Screen is a seated bench area located near the Tenth Avenue Square with trellises for perennial vines, such as Major Wheeler Coral Honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler') and Autumn Revolution™ American bittersweet (Celastrus scandens 'Bailumn'). Among these climbers the b... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Hoary Skullcap

    Tucked away in the northernmost section of the High Line, this native wildflower puts on a stunning display in the mid-to late summer months. Blooming effervescently with its pale lavender and deep purple flowers, Scutellaria incana, common name hoary skullcap, consistently attracts a wide v... read more