Plant of the Week: Dawn Bodnant Viburnum

Dawn bodnant viburnum has bright pink flowers that are at their peak this time of year. Photo by Steven Severinghaus

The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that took root on the elevated rail tracks after the trains stopped running. The High Line includes more than 300 species of perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees – chosen for their hardiness, adaptability, diversity, and seasonal variation in color and texture. Some of the species that originally grew on the High Line’s rail bed are reflected in the park landscape today.

This week we share with you one of our Gardeners’ current favorites.

Stop and smell the flowers next time you come to the High Line.

Popping up between the lounging chairs on the Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck and amongst the birch trees near Gansevoort Street are the fragrant pink flowers of Dawn bodnant viburnum, a cold weather bloom.


Dawn bodnant viburnum, or Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn,' is a deciduous shrub that has long-lasting fragrant flowers that bloom from late autumn through early spring. Currently, the flowers are a vivid pink since they are nearing their peak, however this color will fade in the coming weeks to an almost-white hue.

Where to see this plant
Near Gansevoort Street, between West 14th and West 15th Streets, and between West 21st and West 22nd Streets.

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