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Melt-ing Our Hearts

By Jennette Mulaney | June 11, 2014

Melt Bakery by Armando Rafael PhotographyJulian Plyter of Melt Bakery talks with High Line visitors. Photo by Armando Rafael Photography

Melt Bakery was one of the first vendors selected for the High Line Food program, and Melt’s decadent, locally sourced ice-cream sandwiches have become park staples. As part of our High Line anniversary celebrations, we sat down with Melt chef Julian Plyter and asked him to share some memories from his years in the park.

You’ve witnessed a lot of interesting things on the High Line during your time here. Tell us one of your favorite stories.

I love how many newly married couples have eaten a Melt sandwich on the High Line as their first food shared as a married couple. Such an honor and so much fun! I’ve shared a few photos as evidence.

When did Melt Bakery first come to the High Line?

We started under the Gansevoort Stair in June 2011 and moved up to the Line itself a few weeks later.

You’re currently serving up delicious ice cream sandwiches at in the Chelsea Market Passage at West 15th Street, but your cart has been all over the High Line. Can you tell us about the different locations?

EnlargePhoto by Jenna Saraco

Under the Standard [at West 13th Street] is certainly about the breeziest spot on the Line. The Chelsea Market Passage is amazing because it’s so vibrant and alive with people, almost all the time. One of my favorite spots was up above West 23rd St – the view of London Terrace was incredible, and that spot is open to the sun from dawn till dusk every day during the summer. Great sunsets in that spot!

You’ve seen the High Line undergo a lot of change since Melt first became a food vendor here. What changes have stood out most to you? Have you been surprised to see certain aspects of the High Line remain unchanged?

The new High Line headquarters at Gansevoort Street is certainly amazing, and an exciting addition to the park. I’ve really enjoyed the art exhibits changing year after year as well. The thing that I enjoy the most however is how the horticultural landscape changes and evolves from year to year. Every season, when we come back and the park begins to come alive again, it’s a whole new experience – but always one that still feels like home.

Although we know you love all the sandwich flavors, which is your favorite? (We know you have one!)

My very favorite sandwich of all time (today, anyway) is the S’most, which we introduced on the High Line at the 23rd Street location in 2011. Gooey homemade marshmallow in the middle of chocolate ice cream, sandwiched between two graham cracker cookies – pure heaven. As you might imagine I’ve built up quite a resistance to my own ice cream sandwiches . . . but this one is dangerous for me to be around!

Melt Bakery is open daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. See High Line Food for hours and locations of all our vendors.

Brides and grooms enjoy Melt Bakery ice-cream sandwiches. Photos by Julian PlyterNewlyweds enjoy Melt’s ice-cream sandwiches. (Despite the name, Melt’s sandwiches are soft but not drippy, making them safe to eat with your formal wear.) Photos by Julian Plyter