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Photo by Liz Ligon

Helping to Restore a Community Garden

By Erycka Montoya Pérez | August 11, 2014

Local gardener Tari Stubblefield surveys the restored community garden.Photo by Liz Ligon

This past April, High Line horticultural staff, volunteers, and teens in our Green Corps program helped local gardener Tari Stubblefield restore a garden at the Fulton Houses in Chelsea. The initiative, called Neighbor Day, was a partnership between Friends of the High Line, Fulton Houses Tenant Association President Miguel Acevedo, and the NYCHA Gardening & Sustainability Unit.

See more photos below.

Here is how the garden appeared in the morning.Photo by Rowa Lee

At left, Green Corps Leader Winona Holderbaum prepares to get her hands dirty. At right, volunteer Bridget Gramling is eager to clean up.Photo by Rowa Lee

Seasoned gardener Tari provides Green Corps members with direction.Photo by Rowa Lee

Explorers of NYPD Explorer Post 2004 and Green Corps members prepare the planters for a fresh coat of paint.Photo by Rowa Lee

With operation clean-up wrapped up and the compost laid out, it’s time to start planting.Photo by Rowa Lee

Green Corps members Lizbeth Reyes, at left, and Stanley Damis, at right, bring plants to the garden.Photo by Rowa Lee

Time to paint! What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes.Photo by Rowa Lee

It was a true team effort.Photo by Rowa Lee

While Tari’s vision is not yet complete, the garden feels lush and vibrant.Photo by Liz Ligon

And here’s how the garden looks today, green with late-summer growth.