Park update: The High Line – Moynihan Connector and the High Line’s Coach Passage and Spur at 30th St. & 10th Ave. will be closed on Wednesday, September 20.

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A Vision for New Connections

January 11, 2021

We have some exciting news to share about the future of the High Line.

On January 11, the New York Times reported on Empire State Development’s proposed plan, in partnership with Brookfield Properties and Friends of the High Line, to increase pedestrian connectivity on the West Side of Manhattan. Coming soon after the historic opening of Moynihan Train Hall, this innovative proposal harnesses the potential of the High Line to create new ways to access Moynihan Train Hall, Hudson Yards, Manhattan West, Hudson River Park, the Javits Center, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Governor Cuomo said, “Moynihan Train Hall is the first piece of the puzzle that we’ve laid out for transforming Penn Station into the Empire Station Complex—and extending the High Line to meet this transportation hub will boost interconnectivity across the West Side, while fundamentally improving New Yorkers’ commutes. In 2020, we reintroduced light into Penn Station, and this new project will link Moynihan Train Hall to one of New York’s most prized public spaces.”

The proposal, which will be a public-private partnership, will extend the existing High Line spur at 10th Avenue and 30th Street east along Dyer Avenue, which is Port Authority-owned property, to the midblock between 9th and 10th Avenues, at which point it will turn north and connect into the elevated public space in Manhattan West. The public space continues northward and then turns east, terminating on 9th Avenue directly across from the entrance to Moynihan Train Hall.

We are eager to work with Empire State Development and Brookfield Properties to explore this exciting opportunity. We see it as an extension of the work we’ve been championing for over 20 years. This announcement represents a shared vision to expand the ways we connect the neighborhoods, institutions, businesses, parks, and transportation hubs that define Manhattan’s West Side.

It’s still early days and there’s much work to be done before this vision is realized. We look forward to working with the State and our neighbors over the coming months to advance this unique public access project.

Read the article in the New York Times

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