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Guided Meditation: A Mindful Walk

By High Line | November 14, 2022

Visitors can now connect to the High Line in a brand new way. With so much going on in New York City, it can often be difficult to clear one’s mind and stay in the present moment. Visitors interested in taking a moment to breathe can now take part in a self-guided meditation walk on the High Line!

Presented by Guardian, the Lead Wellness Sponsor of the High Line, and produced by our friends at The Spring Meditation, this 10-minute experience is designed to expand your awareness as you take a walk through the High Line. You’ll use your breath, body, and all five senses to ground yourself and perceive your surroundings in a whole new way.

People meditate on the High Line

CaptionPhoto by Liz Ligon

To help prepare you for your walk Rick Little, The Spring Meditation’s Co-Founder and voice behind the guided walk, has a few tips for first-time meditators.

1. Let go of expectations. Whatever experience unfolds spontaneously is the right one.

2. Don’t worry about so-called distractions. Meditation is about expanding your awareness, and there’s no need to block anything out.

3. You’re already on the right track. By choosing to carve out 10 minutes for a mindful walk, you’ve already created a positive shift in your life.

4. Enjoy!

Please enjoy this new way to experience the High Line. We hope all listeners will finish their walk with a clearer mind and present focus.


Guardian is the Lead Wellness Sponsor of the High Line.


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