Park update: The Interim Walkway at the Western Rail Yards (between 30th & 34th Streets) is temporarily closed today.

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30th Street Challenge
Give by June 22

To meet the demands of our busiest time of the year, we ask all friends of the High Line to help us raise a total of $30,000—$1,000 for each block of our 1.5-mile-long park along Manhattan’s West Side.



From above, the High Line looks like a river of green cutting through the concrete and steel of Manhattan. True to form, the High Line does more than represent a union of urban life and nature—it realizes it. Carefully curated ecosystems lure pollinators, which in turn lure colorful migratory birds in the spring and fall. Each season brings more and new species, reminding us that the High Line is more than a literal bridge—it’s our bridge back to a world in greater harmony with nature.

Like many New Yorkers, I leaned heavily on our parks when the pandemic began to grip our city. They quickly became more than a source of fresh air—I learned that New York City is home to more than 600 species of wildlife, and I set out to meet them all! “Wild New York” strives to educate its audience about our city’s wild creatures. Why do they come here? How do they survive? And what are we doing to make sure they can share the city with us? Each of our 1,700 green spaces are unique, with different environments, needs, and wild creatures that call them home. Many are like the High Line, carefully curated spaces that are meant to appeal to aesthetic sensibilities as well as natural needs.

But one thing is always consistent: more green means more wild things! And our parks won’t stay green without us. As city life and tourism steers towards a new normal, it’s up to both park visitors and our conservancies to help maintain these spaces as clean, beautiful areas that welcome our furry, crawly, and feathered friends to share the Big Apple.

The High Line is an extraordinarily important structure, one I hope continues to lead the way in how we bring more nature into our urban areas.

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