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The Future of Monumentality - Alternatives to Monumentality

The High Line and Next City present this speaker series moderated by New York Times critic Salamishah Tillet as a unique intersection of art, design, and urbanism.

Day 2: Alternatives to Monumentality
Thursday, January 28 1 – 2:30pm
Salamishah Tillet
Bryan Lee Jr.
Dr. Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák
Rebecca Belmore
Mayor Marvin Rees
For our second event in this series, “Alternatives to Monumentality,” moderator Salamishah Tillet talks with an artist, a historian, a public official, and a placemaker to reimagine the form, function, and role of monuments as we move into the future. Among the broad topics our panel will engage are: how displacing and recontextualizing monuments in post-Soviet Eastern Europe changed the meaning and understanding of these works; how the “Paper Monuments” project in New Orleans centered the Black experience and surfaced untold histories; how interactive performance art creates a space to honor Indigenous ancestral wisdom and storytelling traditions; and more.