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  • Faces Behind the Food: Amanda Meister of Sigmund’s Pretzels

    “Growing up, unlike most families who plan the day around attractions in the area, mine planned the day around where we were going to eat,” says Amanda Meister of Sigmund’s Pretzels.   Whether she’s discussing what makes the best pretzel or how to build the best boat, Amanda Meister, manag... read more
  • An Excerpt from 'Eat the City' by Robin Shulman

    From Shulman's Eat the City: “The High Line, an elevated freight line, had to be constructed from Thirty-Fourth Street down to Spring Street, cutting right inside of warehouses to make second-story meat deliveries.” In this image, the High Line runs through the former Cudahy Meatpacking plant. P... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Mt. Everest ornamental onion

    Late spring at the High Line is dominated by showy Allium blooms. The Chelsea Grasslands, between West 17th and West 20th Streets, is an especially good place to observe a variety of Alliums including Mt. Everest ornamental onion. Photo by Steven Severinghaus  The High Line’s planting d... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Double-Take

    Two visitors on a rainy day are surprised by Human Statue (Jessie). Photo by Oliver Rich  High Line Art's newest group exhibition, Busted, has been turning heads in the park. Busted features commissions from nine international artists, all playing with the popular tradition of urban mon... read more
  • Faces Behind the Food: Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina

    Fany Gerson, the chef and owner of LaNewyorkina, shows off her skills to some of our younger guests at the Seating Steps, on the High Line at West 22nd Street. Photo by Rowa Lee  From a bride and groom eating coconut paletas to what happens when kids walk away with the toppings, Fany Gerso... read more
  • Moving On: A Special Tribute to Danya

    Photo by Tom Kletecka. Later this season, Danya Sherman, our Director of Public Programs, Education & Community Engagement, will be moving on from Friends of the High Line to pursue a graduate degree in urban planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Though she will ... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Purple Smoke wild indigo

    This month, stop by to enjoy the pale purple flowers of Purple Smoke wild indigo, in bloom at West 16th and West 18th Streets. The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. Today, the High ... read more
  • 23rd Street Lawn Re-Opens for the Season

    Spring really is here: the 23rd Street Lawn is open. Photo by Navid Baraty. Get ready for some serious people-watching. The 23rd Street Lawn has officially re-opened for the busy season ahead. Pack a picnic, slide on your darkest shades (better for people-watching), and head out to the High Line... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Rainy Day

    A rainy day scene from earlier this week. Photo by Steven Severinghaus One of my favorite times to visit the park in the spring is right after a heavy rainfall. The plants glisten with dewdrops, and the pathway is clear of the usual crowds, allowing for a peaceful and serene meander through th... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Larinem Park shale barrens stonecrop

    Stop by to enjoy the white flowers of this woodland succulent, native to the eastern United States, this time of year. The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. Today, the High Line in... read more