The High Line Blog

  • HOMU at the High Line

    Both the Whitney Museum and Dia will be erecting major new buildings in the High Line neighborhood in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, you can enjoy The Homeless Museum, or HOMU for short. Museum director/artist Filip Noterdaeme has been setting up shop across from the 20th Street E... read more
  • A Magic Combo: WFMU & the High Line

    Here's a special treat for your Friday afternoon: a photo recap of our first live broadcast on the High Line. WFMU on the High Line. This past Memorial Day, WFMU's DJ/rupture and DJ Trent broadcast live from the southern end of the High Line beneath The Standard Hotel. The music was accompani... read more
  • June Blooms: A Flourishing Landscape

    Goatsbeard (Aruncus 'Horatio') in bloom. Photo by Joan Garvin.  Every time we walk the High Line, we overhear a park visitor marveling about how established the plants look after having a year in the park. The grasses are thicker and lusher, the flowers are blooming with more gusto &mdas... read more
  • Romantic Gardens: Panel Discussion at the Morgan Library

    Patrick Cullina, Friends of the High Line Vice President of Horticulture & Park Operations. As part of the launch of a new exhibit entitled Romantic Gardens: Nature, Art, and Landscape Design, Patrick Cullina, our Vice President for Horticulture & Park Operations, will join a panel discussion t... read more
  • News from Robert in Rome: Where Are You Going to Sit?

    One of the hallmarks of successful urban spaces all over the world is the use of movable chairs. William Whyte’s studies in The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces found that people create ownership of public space by being able to control where and how they sit. This theory was recently tested... read more
  • New Whitney Museum Coming to the High Line

    The High Line at Gansevoort and Washington Streets, next door to the site of the Whitney Museum's planned expansion. Photo By Iwan Baan.  Manhattan’s West Side is arguably the epicenter of the New York art scene. The neighborhood is home to more than 400 art galleries, art studios, and pe... read more
  • New Plants for the 14th Street Beds

    High Line gardeners Howard Wai and Maryanne Stubbs at work in the planting beds near 14th Street.  The High Line has been open for nearly a year. After observing the plantings over the past 12 months, we were able to assess where improvements could be made, and one of these spaces is a sm... read more
  • Upcoming Screenings of "NY Export: Opus Jazz" (The Film)

    A still from "Passage of Two," shot on the High Line at the rail yards, part of the film "NY Export: Opus Jazz."  If you didn't get a chance to check out "NY Export: Opus Jazz" when it debuted on PBS in March, you will have the chance to see a special screening on the High Line this fall. ... read more
  • Peter Colquhoun's Lower Manhattan Paintings

    Peter Colquhoun's Under the Standard on the High Line.  The High Line is increasingly becoming a place of inspiration for art-making. One of the most recent works comes from Peter Colquoun, whose landscapes of the High Line are on view right now at DietzSpace. 450 West 14th Street. Colq... read more
  • A Free Pop-Up Playground for Kids on the High Line

    A play structure designed by kids using "Imagination Playground in a box." Photo by Talisman Photo.  If you have kids, you know creativity, active playing, and free thinking are all crucial elements for developing minds. Imagination Playground, built on this idea, will be on the High Lin... read more