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  • Digging deeper with gavin kenyon list image

    Digging Deeper with Gavin Kenyon

    Archeo, an outdoor group exhibition about technology and obsolescence, brings together the work of artists who employ outmoded technologies and outdated machinery as a reflection on humanity's continuous fascination and frustration with technology.The following Q&A with artist Gavin Kenyon (b... read more
  • 2014 year in photos list image

    2014: The Year in Photos

    We've gathered together some of our favorite images and stories from this groundbreaking year. We hope you enjoy them. This has been a momentous year for the High Line, thanks to you. From all of us at Friends of the High Line, we wish you the very best in 2015! Remember Snowpocalypse? ... read more
  • Portal to the past the history of pier 54 list image

    Portal to the Past: The History of Pier 54

    Hudson River Park’s Pier 54, located off 11 th Avenue. Photo by Liz Ligon A skeletal steel archway adorned with ghostly lettering across its central beam stands at the entrance to the vacant Pier 54 in New York’s harbor. Currently a gateway to an expanse of concrete, the arch once exis... read more
  • The longest minute time line on the high line list image

    The Longest Minute: Time Line on the High Line

    Participants take their spot on the line. Photo by Liz LigonHow long is a minute?This was the question posed by artist David Lamelas during his performance Time Line on the High Line. The interactive piece took place in three different locations throughout the park on July 22, 23, and 24. Park v... read more
  • High line art ryan mcnamara s misty malarky ying yang list image

    High Line Art: Ryan McNamara's Misty Malarky Ying Yang

    Photo by @gabrielaineszOn July 16 and 17, High Line Art presented Misty Malarky Ying Yang, a new performance by artist Ryan McNamara that celebrated the 35th anniversary of President Jimmy Carter’s famous 1979 “Malaise Speech.”The nationally televised speech focused on the ongoing energy crisis. ... read more
  • A closer look at archeo josh kline s skittles list image

    A Closer Look at Archeo: Josh Kline's Skittles

    Josh Kline's Skittles part of the High Line Art group exhibition, Archeo. Photo by Timothy SchenckJosh Kline’s Skittles, part of the group exhibition Archeo, is an industrial refrigerator containing smoothies produced by the artist using unconventional and poetic combinations of ingredients, incl... read more
  • Emptyhighline scenes from an early morning stroll list image

    #EmptyHighLine: Scenes from an Early Morning Stroll

    Photo by @aloarowaThere are very few (good) reasons to awake at 5:30 AM, but the promise of a picturesque sunrise and room to roam brought out a snap-happy group of Instagrammers to the park on Wednesday, July 23. We joined with Instagram to welcome a small group to visit the park before it opene... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Art in Summer

    Isabelle Cornaro's artwork stands amid a canopy of trees and cheery hedgenettle. Photo by Timothy Schenck The presence of High Line Art’s group exhibition Archeo changes with the seasons. In summer, as lush foliage reaches up, encircles, and even obscures parts of the artworks, the visitor’s ex... read more
  • The First Five Years of High Line Art

    An installation view of Carol Bove's High Line Commission Caterpillar installed on the High Line at the Rail Yards in 2013. Photo by Timothy Schenck. Friends of the High Line founded High Line Art in 2009 with the opening of the first section of the High Line. The mission of High Line Art is ... read more
  • Let’s Dance! Groovin High on the High Line

    Photo by Timothy Schenck   There are only a few days left to see artist’s Faith Ringgold’s fun and colorful High Line Billboard, Groovin High, next to the High Line at West 18th Street. Faith Ringgold is a painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor, and performance artist working in ... read more