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Please note: PLEASE NOTE: The High Line's northernmost section—from 30th Street and 11th Avenue to 34th Street between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue — will be temporarily closed from Monday, August 17 through Monday, September 21, for some maintenance work on the Interim Walkway. The rest of the park will remain open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Learn more

The High Line Blog

  • Photo of the Week: Another West Side Cowboy

    The much-admired West Side Cowboy, riding up 10th Avenue at 26th Street.  More cowboys here! read more
  • Rail Yards: City Planning Hears Testimony on ERY Zoning

    Land use at the Eastern Rail Yards, from the existing 2005 zoning plan.  This morning, the City Planning Commission heard public testimony on proposed amendments to the zoning of the Eastern Rail Yards. While the draft amendments don't specifically concern preservation of the High Line, th... read more
  • Plant-o-Rama!

    This past Tuesday, we participated in the 13th Annual Plant-o-Rama, a trade show and syposium co-hosted by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Metro Hort Group.   Our best guess is that over 100 vendors, non-profits, and tradespeople attended the day-long trade show, which was a great opportuni... read more
  • Northern Spur Preserve: Ramp Revealed!

    Work is quickly progressing at the Northern spur, a horticultural preserve located on a portion of the High Line that juts across 10th Avenue, just north of Chelsea Market.  The landscape at the Northern spur is designed to recall the self-sown landscape that grew up on the High Line after the ... read more
  • Standard Goes Back to School

    The folks over at the now open-ish Standard Hotel have gotten some of their sweetest eye-candy together for their annual Staff Calendar. Staff members from all Standard locations, Miami, Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York, are featured in campy spreads of sexed-up high school stereotypes (hell-... read more
  • Rail Yards Update: CB4 and BP Stringer Call to Save the Spur

    The support for the full preservation of the High Line at the rail yards continues to grow-- Community Board 4 and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer have both added their voices to the call to save the spur. At a recent full Board meeting, Community Board 4 made a clear statement advoc... read more
  • The High Line Without Us

    Image by Kenn Brown, monolithic.com In many post-apocalyptic (and often sub-par) films, the "end of the world" usually refers to the destruction of civilized life on planet Earth. As human life flickers out, the film ends and the credits roll. However, as Alan Weisman illustrates in his book The... read more
  • Standard Hotel is (softly) Open

    The new Standard Hotel that bridges over the High Line at Little West 12th Street has recently opened its doors for a soft opening.  While the club, lounge, restaurant, and bars are still very much under construction, ten floors of guest rooms are currently open.  And I quote: "We'll put up wit... read more
  • A Surreal View From the High Line

    Today brought one of the strangest views from the High Line yet: A few of us were up on the site this afternoon to see how it was faring in the frigid weather, when we caught a chilling glimpse of the US Airways plane that crashed into the icy Hudson today. (Amazingly, even in the sub-freezing te... read more
  • Bloomberg: High Line is "the world's most innovative park"

    Mayor Bloomberg, speaking at our Groundbreaking ceremony in 2006  In his annual State of the City Address, Mayor Bloomberg focused mainly on his strategy for stabilizing the city's economy and pulling it out of recession.  The plan he outlined in today's address at Brooklyn College focused... read more